First year of production: 1800
Property: Mariacristina Oddero and Isabella Boffa Oddero
Winemaker: Mariacristina Oddero and Luca Veglio
Agronomist: Mariacristina Oddero and Sergio Blengio
conduction: Biological
Bottles produced: 150.000
Hectares: 35,00
Address: from the Alba-Barolo road, turn towards La Morra and follow signs for the hamlet of Santa Maria.
The roots of the company date back to the end of the eighteenth century when the ancestors in the cellar began to vinify their own grapes. With ancient knowledge, tenacity, tradition and respect for the territory, the Oddero family produces wines of the highest level known all over the world. Oddero is synonymous with historicity in the Barolo tradition, generations that bring out a wine that is the result of meticulous passion for the land, historicity in the manufacturing processes and evolution of the winemaking technique. The cellars are located in the hamlet of Santa Maria di La Morra positioned on a natural terrace from which you have a wonderful view over the hills of the Langhe. The care of the vineyards guarantees a cultivation of 35 hectares of the best crus of the Langhe and Asti from which excellent wines are obtained. The company's mission is to pass on the uniqueness of Barolo throughout the world and to future generations.