Feudi di San Gregorio

First year of production: 1986
Property: Capaldo family
Winemaker: company technical staff
Agronomist: company technical staff
conduction: Conventional
Bottles produced: 3.500.000
Hectares: 250,00
Address: from the A16 Napoli-Bari exit Avellino est, proceed on the Statale Ofantina, exit at Parolise, continue for Salza Irpina and Sorbo Serpico
With the 2018 harvest, Visione, Serrocielo, Cutizzi and Pietracalda change clothes. The bottle is unique, conceived by Massimo Vignelli, and is composed of many small grooves all around. An elegant and dynamic image of a glass that comes to life, almost three-dimensional, and envelops the wine, taking the form of very thin continuous waves. Finally, it is completed with a label that is like a delicate brushstroke of color. The range of labels created by the company is articulated and qualitatively constant, guaranteeing the maximum varietal typicality and the exaltation of the organoleptic baggage of the grapes. Like the Fiano which has the privilege, in its passito, of making its way immediately among the tasted labels and after the absence of last year. But what amazes us are Taurasi Piano di Montevergine and Patrimo who dominate the scene declining mineral strength and aromatic spontaneity, with some authentic sour grumpiness.