Donnafugata Wines of Sicily

First year of production: 1983
Property: Rallo family
Winemaker: Antonio Rallo, Antonino Santoro, Stefano Valla
Agronomist: Antonio Rallo
conduction: Conventional
Bottles produced: 2.500.000
Hectares: 405,00
Address: the historic cellars are located in Marsala in Via S. Lipari 18, near the tourist port. In Pantelleria in Contrada Khamma.
A symbolic company for Sicilian viticulture, Donnafugata has always been animated by a dynamic and expansive character, demonstrated by the continuous and passionate search for territories and realities to be enhanced. Four strategic points: Pantelleria, Contessa Entellina, Vittoria and Etna, from which come to life a jumble of expressions of the highest qualitative and territorial value, which perfectly embody the soul of this land. It has been led by the Rallo family since 1983, which through pioneering and courageous choices has been able to lead it to this day, transforming it into a successful company, famous all over the world. In addition to the wine universe, the company is very active on the art and culture front, promoting projects such as that of the exhibition entitled 'Inseguendo Donnafugata', held with the collaboration of the FAI at Villa Necchi Campiglio in Milan, in which through a multisensory path that embraces art, music, wine and literature, the splendid labels designed by the artist Stefano Vitale are presented, which tell about Sicily through the emblematic female figure inspired by the character of Donnafugata, mentioned in the novel Il Gattopardo by Giuseppe Tomasi. New in this Edition is the Etna Rosso Fragore 2016 produced with grapes grown in the Contrada Montelaguardia cru, presented for the first time in this 2020 Edition.