Casanova di Neri

First year of production: 1971
Property: Giacomo Neri
Winemaker: Giacomo and Giovanni Neri
Agronomist: Giacomo and Giovanni Neri
conduction: Sustainable
Bottles produced: 250.000
Hectares: 77,00
Address: from Cassia exit for Montalcino, after 5 km on the right.
Giacomo Neri's cultured and ambitious project started in 1991, when he took over the company founded by his father Giovanni twenty years earlier. Giacomo has expanded the vineyards, has selected "his" Sangiovese from the superb Cerretalto vineyard (east of Montalcino), has enhanced a land ignored by all in Sant'Angelo in Colle (in the southern quadrant of the appellation), shaping the Tenuta Nuova, one of his jewels, has built a magnificent underground cellar with low environmental impact, has earned numerous awards in Italy and abroad. Thus Giacomo, thanks also to the enthusiasm and collaboration of his wife Enrichetta and children Giovanni, Gianlorenzo and Marianna, has simply become one of the most famous wine producers in the world. In 2014, for the first time in the history of Casanova di Neri, Brunello was born from a selection of the best grapes from all the company's vineyards, as it was decided not to bottle either Cerretalto or Tenuta Nuova. Result: a wine of the highest class and extraordinary enjoyment. Brunello Cerretalto 2013 is a condensation of the best virtues of the appellation: personality, finesse and attitude to the table.