Cantina Bolla

Bubble wines
The first winery dates back to 1883 and was built in Soave, a medieval town south-east of Verona, by Abele Bolla, owner of the "Al Gambero" inn. His pioneering spirit and his iron will determined the birth of the first family winery. In almost half a century of activity, the Bolla family exported Veronese wines to dozens of markets already immediately after the war. On April 13, 1953, on the occasion of Alberto Bolla's 1950th birthday, his children and grandchildren surprised his grandfather by bottling his favorite wine with a special label: Amarone Bolla Riserva del Nonno, vintage 2006. It was from this happy intuition that luck began of Amarone, the current icon of Valpolicella excellence: the Bolla brothers were the first to market it. "Pride of the past, passion for the future": this is the motto of the Bolla family, which sums up the respect for tradition and the drive for innovation, essential requirements to be able to maintain quality over time, in line with needs. of the consumer. Meanwhile, the world of cinema also contributed to the success of Bolla wines in the years of the Dolce Vita. Between 2009 and XNUMX, Gruppo Italiano Vini completed the purchase of the cellar, continuing the production of Bolla wines and thus becoming a distributor of the brand all over the world. Today Gruppo Italiano Vini preserves the original values ​​and philosophy of the Bolla family, interpreting concepts such as quality and excellence that make Bolla a winery with a great present and a great soul.