Ca 'del Bosco

First year of production: 1968
Property: Maurizio Zanella
Winemaker: Stefano Capelli
Agronomist: Paolo Bonini
conduction: Biological
Hectares: 245,00
Address: from the A4 exit at Rovato, continue towards Lake Iseo for 1,5 km
If the icon of Champagne is Moët et Chandon, with its grandiose Dom Perignon, and that of Trento Doc is Ferrari, that of Franciacorta is undoubtedly Cà del Bosco. More than fifty years of commitment, an extraordinary park of vineyards and crus, a clear and deep-rooted presence on the market, a style of wines linked to the maximum expressiveness of the territory and which has never allowed itself to be enchanted by shortcuts, remaining at a safe distance from ideologies extremists. A world wine heritage, to which new elements are continually added, such as the expansion of the area where grapes are transferred to the cellar. The grapes, harvested in crates equipped with a chip, which tell the cru of origin and the degree of maturity, after being washed (in the legendary spa of the bunch) are transferred with the help of robots to large cold rooms where they are stored and processed within 22 hours.