First year of production: 1962
Property: Paola De Ferrari Corradi
Winemaker: Maurizio Castelli, Luca De Ferrari
conduction: Conventional
Bottles produced: 100.000
Hectares: 22,00
Address: from the A1, from the south exit of Chiusi-Chianciano, from the north exit of Bettolle, continue to Acquaviva di Montepulciano, then to Cervognano.
The company of Paola De Ferrari Corradi is always on the crest of the wave, where today the children Luca and Nicolò are at the forefront to take care of the family reality like a precious jewel. The winery was founded by Egidio, father of Paola at the beginning of the sixties who in Cervognano, north-east of Montepulciano towards the Valdichiana, identified perfect lands to create wines that never miss an opportunity to demonstrate their gustatory strength. On the subject of tasting, the presentation of Nobile Il Nocio, a cru renowned from the vineyard of the same name, is postponed, and the Riserva Sotto Casa, with an elegantly modern style, takes over.