First year of production: 1998
Property: Bastianich family
Winemaker: Emilio del Medico
conduction: Conventional
Bottles produced: 270.000
Hectares: 40,00
Restaurant: Orsone restaurant next to the cellar in Gagliano di Cividale
Address: Udine Sud motorway exit towards Gorizia, then Buttrio and Cividale
The vineyards of Joe Bastianich and his family insist on two lands of choice: one on the hills of Buttrio, to the south, characterized by a warm-maritime climate from which full-bodied and rich wines are obtained; the other is in Cividale del Friuli, further north, in an area where the Bora has a thermoregulatory function that allows the grapes to maintain high levels of acidity and to develop a deep aromatic intensity. The general approach of the company style is to make wines of international appeal, with suggestions ranging from California to the New World, while remaining firmly anchored to the Friulian terroir, here dominated by ponca and its ability to confer minerality and elegance.